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Focus of my day app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 5175 ratings )
Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: Humane technologies
3.99 USD
Current version: 3.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Apr 2012
App size: 6.16 Mb

A simple and effective way to remember what matters most in your life.

The app is now available as a complete version, without any in-app purchases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you run into any problems using the app contact us through Feedback button in the app or through support link in the app store and well help you out. We have no way of getting in touch with you if you just leave a review in the app store.

The app lets you create visual reminders, set up notifications, set weekly goals and track how youre doing.

Some ideas how you can use it:

- Strengthen positive attitudes, for example Gratefulness:

Write BE GRATEFUL and add a photo of what you are grateful for (your family for example). Set a bell reminder for every 4 hours. Set the goal to 5 times per week. In the evening tell the app if you kept gratefulness in mind during that day, or not. See how you are doing from week to week and set the goal higher as you improve.

- Find motivation to finish tasks, even unpleasant ones. For example, pass the math exam:

Write MATH IS FUN and add a photo of a reward youll give to yourself when you pass the exam (holiday, a good meal,...). Set the goal to study 5 times per week for at least 4 hours per day (set 20 points for the qualitative goal, one for each hour, and 5 times per week for quantity). Set the reminder at 8:00am for start and at 10:00am for break. Relax and do pushups until 10:15 (another reminder) and then have another one for the end at 12:15.

These are just two ideas. Use the app to nurture relationships, keep sight on your business goals, increase productivity, stop bad habits and support your spiritual practice.


Write down Focus Cards with goals, ideas and activities you want to keep in mind. Add photos if you want.

Swipe through Focus Cards at any time to recall what is important to you.

You can set reminders at various intervals or at specific times. You can also choose on what days a Focus Card will be shown.

Set and track weekly goals for each activity. Your goal can be quantity – how many times per week you do the activity, or quality – how well do you do it, or a combination of both.

In the evening go through each Focus Card and review how well you practiced it during the day. After the review the app goes to sleep. Reminders start again when you wake up.

Want to inspire others? Post Focus Cards to FB and Twitter or email them around.

Although you can have unlimited number of Focus Cards, it makes sense to only show a few at the same time. Move unneeded Focus Cards to the archive from where you can import them back at any time.

You can also import backgrounds and Focus Cards from our web gallery.


1. During the day use the app to glance over Focus Cards and get reminders. You can set the frequency and/or schedule reminders at specific times.

2. In the evening do the REVIEW (you set the time for review and the app will remind you to do it), where you go through all Focus Cards and tell the app if you did the activity or not, or how well you did it (by assigning points 0 - 10). You can do review at any time in a day, but doing it before going to sleep is the best. Reflect back on your day and train the power of recollecting what you did and how.

3. After the review, put the app to SLEEP and setup the Wake up time. Reminders are turned off from Review time till Wake up time. (Reminders set at specific times are played also if the app is sleeping).

4. In the morning let the app wake up at Wake up time or wake it up manually. Reminders start again.

A note about reminders: As you improve, your power to remember will grow and you will have less and less need for reminders. That IS the purpose of the app. Just scale down reminders or turn them off and use Focus Cards as visual reminders, do evening review and track your progress. Adjust weekly goals to your growing capabilities. There is no limit to how much our mind can improve.

Pros and cons of Focus of my day app for iPhone and iPad

Focus of my day app good for

I just wish for font choices and more than 10 screens in paid version. I will be using this regularly for affirmation review.
Thank you very much for this app. Please add an option to pick the size of font in the card. Also I would be happy to see this app in my mother tongue and offer you help in translation. Thank you again.

Some bad moments

If you want focus cards that say things like "Just Do It!" or "Life Is Good", then go ahead and buy the app. But if you want to make a focus card with a longer quote, forget it- you can enter it, but you cant see the whole quote, you cant even scroll up or down on the card to read the whole quote. This was a total waste of my money.
One of my favourite app - beautiful and simple to use before - has turned into some feature bloated stuff!! Whats the point to have ten focuses? Focus=pick one and go for it! Please, I want just a simple reminder of ONE focus, without the need to revise it on a daily basis. Is it possible to get the old version? Maybe as a paid version? (Paradox: Ill pay you to actually REMOVE features :-)
I cant believe I paid $4.00 for this app, it does nothing that it says it can do. You basically get a blank page with 2 words: one that says "Review" and the other says "Sleep." No tutorial, nothing. You either review or go to sleep. I must be the only person dumb enough to buy this app!
I just wish it had more info about the reasons why a person would use this app and Id like to see it have or ask more personalized questions in order for it to give or help you get a personalized "Focus".
This is like having your own mom for grown ups in your pocket. "Did you do your home work?" "did you take the trash out?" "did you pay your phone bill?" "did you shoot you self?" get the point :)
Simple. Functional. Effective. Just what I wanted the App to do.

Usually Focus of my day iOS app used & searched for

affirmation reminder, my affirmations, and other. So, download free Focus of my day .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.