Focus of my day App Reviews

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So far So good

Love the concept & the graphics. Thank you!

This app is not very useful

If you want focus cards that say things like "Just Do It!" or "Life Is Good", then go ahead and buy the app. But if you want to make a focus card with a longer quote, forget it- you can enter it, but you cant see the whole quote, you cant even scroll up or down on the card to read the whole quote. This was a total waste of my money.

I hate the new version!

One of my favourite app - beautiful and simple to use before - has turned into some feature bloated stuff!! Whats the point to have ten focuses? Focus=pick one and go for it! Please, I want just a simple reminder of ONE focus, without the need to revise it on a daily basis. Is it possible to get the old version? Maybe as a paid version? (Paradox: Ill pay you to actually REMOVE features :-)

Excellent app...

I just wish for font choices and more than 10 screens in paid version. I will be using this regularly for affirmation review.


I cant believe I paid $4.00 for this app, it does nothing that it says it can do. You basically get a blank page with 2 words: one that says "Review" and the other says "Sleep." No tutorial, nothing. You either review or go to sleep. I must be the only person dumb enough to buy this app!

Thank you

Thank you very much for this app. Please add an option to pick the size of font in the card. Also I would be happy to see this app in my mother tongue and offer you help in translation. Thank you again.

Love this!

A gentle reminder of what matters

Apt app

Has been very helpful to keep the major areas in focus.

A timely reminder

Of the things that matter most

Its a gr8 app

I just wish it had more info about the reasons why a person would use this app and Id like to see it have or ask more personalized questions in order for it to give or help you get a personalized "Focus".

Great app

This is like having your own mom for grown ups in your pocket. "Did you do your home work?" "did you take the trash out?" "did you pay your phone bill?" "did you shoot you self?" get the point :)

Sweet app

Keeps you in the mindset you need

Great app!

Keeps me focused on my intentions throughout the day.

Does the job!

Simple. Functional. Effective. Just what I wanted the App to do.

nice app

simple and to the point.

Couldnt get it to work.

Just downloaded free version. Its supposed to have 3 cards in the free version. But I found that all the pages were locked and could not even try it out.

Great and accurate

Does exactly what is says. Simple way to maintain focus. I use at work and in personal life focus.

Free version is worthless

Faye Carro has it right. The free version is TOTALLY nonfunctional. Its supposed to be a limited use trial version but Ive tried running on iOS 5.1.1. with no luck. Even though it says "tap here to write", the pages or cards are all locked and it asks you to upgrade in order to use. Id give it zero stars if possible.

Good ideal for simple focus

I like the simplicity of a picture and a few words to keep you on track. It would work for me much better if it had iCloud support.


Excellent app does exactly what it says it does.

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